Get Financing For Your Business
Debt Financing

CRE-Finance offers a myriad of commercial real estate financing vehicles for numerous asset classes including Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, Hospitality, Senior Housing and other various commercial properties.

The depth and breadth of years of experience enables the firm to create an innovative debt product to meet our clients financing needs including Permanent, Bridge and Construction Financing.

Equity Placement

CRE-Finance has the expertise to arrange our clients with the right equity partner to provide up to 100% financing through preferential rates of return.

CRE-Finance can arrange large capital stacks of equity. With our investing expertise, access to capital, and strong understanding of the ever-changing capital markets gives CRE-Finance the tools to provide our clients with the right equity partner and structure.

Loan and REO Sales

CRE’s Loan REO Sales Team has extensive experience in providing sales and advisory services related to individual and portfolio loan valuations, collateral valuations, and the restructuring and sale of special assets from all holder’s commercial real estate debt. CRE’s benefits and urgency of bid type sale but with the retail pricing associated with a conventional listing has fostered relationships with Banks, Life Insurance Companies, Special Servicers, Opportunity Funds, Debt Funds, and CMBS Bond Holders.